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Jan 27, 2013 7:00am PST
candidate paul ryan is urging his party to stay unitied. he spoke to a group of conservatives yesterday in washington. he told the crowd they must stick agent together and pick their fights against president obama during his second term. he is calling obama care 13,000 pages of regulations. >> sometimes we will have to reject the president's proposals. that time might come more than once. and sometimes we'll have to make them better. the president will bait us. he will portray us as cruel and unruling. >> the wisconsin congressman is positioning himself for a possible run for the white house in 2016. the party must briden its appeal to include more minorities and women. >>> chuck hagels nomination to replies leon panetta. the former nebraska senator is expected to appear before the armed services committee on thursday. hagel is a republican but his nomination is opposed by interest groups from both parties. the conservative organization for americans for strong defense is running tv ads saying hagel would weaken national security. the gay rights group has used hagel as being a
Jan 22, 2013 7:00am PST
was written and directed by ryan crewler. this chronicles the night that oscar grant was shot by johannes mehserle four years ago. >>> a man suspected of exposing himself to women on two separate occasions in belmont has been identified. police are not releasing his name. but they say they tracked down his red toyota camry this past sunday. investigators say he was in the car when he exposed himself to women on hiller street on january 13th and again last saturday. the women wrote down his license plate number. police did not arrest the suspect. prosecutors are now reviewing the case. >>> new this morning, all gun- related groupons have been pulled from the site. aol daily finance reports says that groupon has suspended deals for carry ranges, and the move comes after pressure from consumers following the sandy hook shooting. gun rights advocates are calling for a boycott of groupon. >>> a man in new ze land has come up with a controversial plan to save mative birds. he wants to get -- native birds. he wants to get kid of cats. he's not recommending people euthanize their cats bu
Jan 29, 2013 7:00am PST
scouting highest award. ryan andreas met all require minutes but the boy scouts said he could not become a scout because he's openly gay. >> i got pressure from the board members who are ceos of private corporations that have already completely recognized that the gay community is a very valuable source of talent and cannot be discriminated against. >> well, next week the board is due to talk about each of the 116,000 individual boy scout troops to set their own policies on gay membership but that's getting criticism from both sides of the discussion. >>> it is 7:49. former san francisco 49er and oakland raider kwame harris is scheduled to go to trial in april on charges of assault on a former boyfriend. he was arrested in august of last year after an incident outside a restaurant in menlo park. he got mad when guire tried to put so sauce on harris's rice. he also accuses his ex- boyfriend of steal -- of stealing his underwear. harris has pleaded not guilty. >>> the santa clara city council meets tonight to discuss the new billion-dollar home for the 49ers. two santa clara police officers
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3